Liberec 2028, a candidate for the European Capital of Culture, supports rights of all to live in a free and democratic space.

May 2018the idea of Liberec's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028 was born
November 2018the city's candidacy for ECoC2028 in the coalition programme statement SLK, ANO, ODS
November 30, 2020official announcement of the city's interest to candidate for ECoC2028
June 24, 2021official approval of candidacy by the city council
September 9, 2021registration of the Liberec2028 organization
December 13, 2021Liberec cultural forum with topic preparation of candidacy for ECoC2028
February 20, 2022launch of open call for projects to ECoC2028
March 30, 2022Project Machine - meeting of open call project
spring-summer 2022bid book writing
July 26, 2022Statutory City of Liberec, Liberec Region and Technical University in Liberec are members of Liberec2028 organization
August 30, 2022bid book delivered to Ministy of Culture of The Czech Republic