Christine Edina Kelly

Chrissi Kelly is a great grand-daughter of Eduard Clam-Gallas, a noble family from the region of Liberec. She grew up in the USA and has been a resident of the UK for over 30 years. Her involvement with the Clam-Gallas legacy began in 2012. Since then, she has worked actively with other Clam-Gallas descendants and interested parties in the region to provide support for cultural activities through the Nadacni Fonds Clam-Gallas.

Chrissi is the founder of AbScent, a charity in the UK that supports people who have lost their sense of smell. The Covid-19 pandemic has meant considerable expansion for the services provided to her many members. She works with the public health service and in the private sector, and is a frequent speaker on the subject in the media, as well as contributing to scientific research.