Kamila Boudová

A Czech living in Paris, where she teaches sustainable fashion at universities. She studied textile and fashion design at the Technical University of Liberec and then a fashion economics in Paris and Shanghai. In addition to the teaching, she also writes. Every month you can find her articles Fake Parisian in Pravý Domácí Časopis and she has already published two editions of book of the same title. Her third publication, KNIHA SLOU - A Guide to a Slow Lifestyle, was published in September 2020. Kamila has also been organizing the SLOU Days festival, twice a year in the Czech Republic since 2015. This two-day event dedicated to slow fashion is traditionally held at the Hauch Gallery in Prague 8. Since September 2020, I have also been working as the manager of the Czech Concept store at the Czech Center in Paris.

She tries to spend her free time outside the city. She enjoys making decorations from natural materials, reading books about female power and time spent with her daughter. Her dream is to grow food.