The Saxon neighbor has successfully completed a four-year candidacy process, where the title of European Capital of Culture for 2025 is the final. A process involving many tireless and passionate actors, volunteers and civic initiatives.
Chemnitz won with an impressive application or Bid Book. With the slogan "seeing the unseen," Chemnitz2025 turns its focuse to the invisible: the invisible "silent center." An invisible city, invisible European neighbors, invisible places and biographies, invisible talents in each individual.
This program also includes many other invisible cities or regions in Europe, which is a strong expression of democratic coexistence, and in particular, people who help to live a cosmopolitan community across national borders should be seen.

Mayor Barbara Ludwig said: "For Chemnitz, this title is a great opportunity to give and gain a lot, to show a lot of the invisible. Not only images from Nazi marches, but also a story about the diligence and creativity of the common European values ​​that we create and experience. Thanks to the title, the city will experience enormous development, gather resources that can have an impact for generations. Thank you to the jury for your trust. We thank everyone who accompanied and strengthened the path to the title with their hearts and minds. "

The Road to the Year of the European Capital of Culture 2025 is an important long-term economic program for Chemnitz. Chemnitz will experience enormous growth in tourism, new jobs will be created, and even wages may rise.

As the newly elected mayor Sven Schulze added: "This is a really good decision, which I consider to be a great gift for taking my office. I am very grateful for that and look forward to the challenging but also precious years ahead. "