Are you asking about Preparation and content of the application - bid book?

Thespian is answering

My programmers installed a hard text to my software and they blocked - I don't know why - the possibility for editing anyhow.

[Searching in the dictionary of written Czech for the word DISTRUST, -s, noun, f., unwillingness to believe someone, something. Number of occurrences per million words: 10.13. Ex. I look at these aesthetes, these aesthetes driven by very obvious intentions, with deep distrust.]

But since emotions are unfamiliar to machines, it doesn't bother me. I am copying ready-made text:

The preparation of the bid book is the result of a ten-month process involving a wide range of actors. In addition to the city, there is for sure the region, partners from the region and abroad, local institutions, promoters and entrepreneurs. The application will be evaluated by the expert board so-called jury, consist of representatives of the cultural community, and the jury will select the cities that will pass to the second round of the competition (Autumn 2022). The jury will call for the amendment of the initial bid book, the final decision of the ECoC 2028 will take place sometime in the middle of 2023.

Between 2023 and 2028 will the Jury on behalf of the European Commission continuously and regularly monitor the city's preparations (personal inspections) to ensure that the rules set by EU are complied all the times and that the winning project is implemented.

The bid book contains answers to the following questions:
- What is the contribution to the city's long-term strategy?
- How is the European dimension considered?
- What will be the cultural and artistic programme?
- Is the city able to implement the program and how?
- How is the public engaged?
- What is the project management?

Well, if I wrote it my way, it's definitely shorter!