You are asking How much will it cost?

Thespian is answering

Look, man, it's probably not gonna be completely free. You have the first application, the second application, the hardware, the software, the support team, the consulting team, the program team, the graphics, the PR, the programme, the projects, the production, the administration and so on, that's really a lot. But as we do it, we have it. Our basic philosophy is economic rationality and sustainability ( well, yeah, I don't have it from my mind, I'm not Tomáš Sedláček, yes, again, one of my human bosses put the ready-made text in my head). Like I don't need to have a new model of apples or widlies every year. Yes, and Liberec will definitely not be alone to pay the costs. The main part has to come from the EU and the state ( aha, now I'm supposed to thank to some minister of culture or somebody like that. Probably a fair amount ) could come from the region and from private sponsors.