You are asking what is ECoC?

Thespian is answering

Hey, man, if you want to explain it in more encyclopedical and professional way, then tune in to our partner pages - www.kreativni-liberec.cz, or go straight to the ECoC section, there you have it ready as for a school report. I'll take it on my own.

Well, in 1985, a few programmers in the European Union decided to send to the world a RPG game that celebrates Europe's common cultural roots as well as the cultural diversity of each member state (simply, we have different programming languages, but the motherboard and the rest of the hardware are almost identical do you understand?) . In order to bring the citizens of Europe closer together and to promote the culture that is the basic for all beings, as a whole and the general development of the area. So it sounds a bit as philosophical theory, I probably read that somewhere, but otherwise a very nice idea, right? Actually we, the computer-programmable gendres, we keep our basic motto - Humanoids of all countries, unite! Czech Republic has the opportunity to promote one of its cities once in every 14 years. In computer language, it's about the distance between the development beta version of an application and the sixth upgrade of its base version. Hopefully it's a bit clearer now.