Jan Randáček

People can get a great place for living

In the fifth of the series of interviews with ambassadors of the project Liberec2028 - the European Capital of Culture, we present the view and opinions from Jan Randáček, former director of the Liberec Regional Gallery, now working for the European Parliament, a man whose life is now taking place on the line Brussels-Zittau-Liberec. Ivan Langr, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education, Social Affairs and Tourism, asked.

You have current experience in Europe, more precisely in the European Parliament, where you are a national expert on fine art collections. At the same time, you have taken the role of Ambassador of Liberec for the European Capital of Culture 2028. Why?
Because I am Liberec native and because I know that the candidacy can change Liberec.

What are the chances of Liberec succeeding in the candidacy?
It will depend on the strategy that Liberec will go. On the team of people who will manage candidacy, and on the specific plans for 2028 and beyond. And, of course, on the plans of other candidates. Liberec is not a clear favorite, but it still has a lot of hope to succeed; Liberec has all prerequisites for that!

How can Liberec and the surrounding region change by winning the ECOC 2028, what can it bring to our citizens?
The ECOC title is not purely about culture, it is not about the number of large exhibitions, concerts, theater festivals ... I understand the ECOC title as a general, nonviolent and perhaps inconspicuous change of the environment in Liberec, public transformation, population activation and creating conditions for activities of the widest focus. And this should be a benefit for citizens who will be proud of their city, which will become the target and generator of other cultural, sports and business activities. Citizens will have a great place to live.

Dream from the future - Liberec won the title and we are in 2028. What should be definitely not missing in the city that particular year (programme, construction, etc.)?
I won't be specific, but I'm definitely not expecting mega events, blockbusters. In terms of construction, Liberec will change and more architecturally interesting places will be created throughout the city, which will attract people from the area and generate a range of activities for local communities. The city center will calm down and individual traffic will disappear completely somewhere, the center will be attractive for spending free time. At the same time, it will succeed and even implement high-quality and fast public transport connections with towns and villages in the region and modern and fast connections to Dresden, Prague and Wrocław. The program for 2028 is created based on initiatives of its "consumers", who cooperate and prepare it themselves within emerging and disappearing groups and networks. The time of great individuals is gone, the present time is an era of everyone's participation with everyone.