Kamila Boudová

Liberec lives by people.

In the fourth of the series of interviews with the ambassadors of the European Capital of Culture Liberec2028 project, we bring the views of Kamila Boudová, who studied textile design at Technical University in Liberec, but currently lives and works in Paris. She teaches and spreads the idea of ​​sustainable fashion. Since the autumn 2020, she has been one of the ambassadors of the Liberec2028 project - the European Capital of Culture. Ivan Langr, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Education, Social Affairs and Tourism, asked.

You live in Paris, so far away for us now. But at the same time you are the ambassador of Liberec. Why?
I chose Liberec as the place of my university studies and I spent three fairytale years there. Liberec has a cultural and natural wealth, which I will hardly find in my life in another city. In addition, I really like the mountains, I even worked as a skiing instructor for several seasons. I can only dream about "road to the hill" from the office in Paris. My university years still connect me to Liberec, because my portrait passes through Liberec on a tram with an advertisement for Techmical University.

What are the chances of Liberec to succeed in the candidacy?
I must admit that I do not know the whole process or the conditions for choosing the European Capital of Culture, so I can hardly answer this question objectively. If the bid is really looking for a city that offers its citizens a full life and a rich selection of activities for visitors, Liberec is a clear favorite for me. In addition to a great university and fairytale nature, I loved culture of all kinds in Liberec - from elegant cafes from the last century to alternative clubs and tea houses. Liberec lives by people. It is a city just big enough to offer its inhabitants all kinds of activities without becoming anonymous.

How can Liberec and its surrounding region change thanks to winning the ECOC 2028, what can it bring to our citizens?
As a great lover of nature and long-term sustainable development, I would certainly propose any new projects, only the improvement and updating of spaces and programs that already exist in Liberec and its surroundings. I wish it could happen in Liberec. For common mind of its citizens to feel and know that they already have everything, that there is no need to pursue something bigger and new, that all they have to do is to take care of what exists in Liberec with love. Bring new ideas and activities to existing structures.
I haven't been to Liberec for a long time, so I dare to express no personal preferences. Perhaps more greenery and food growing in public spaces, but so far we can dream of it in all cities in the world.

Dream from the future - Liberec won the title and we are in year 2028. What should be definitely not missing in the city that particular year (programme, construction, etc.)?
As I watch society, people seek nature. So definitely easy access from the city center with all the comforts of an advanced civilization to the forest and the mountains.