Huma and huma, humanoid!

I'm Thespian. But feel free to call me Tespík or Téčko. As you wish man, I hear about almost everything. In the guideline for use there you gonna read that I am a humanoid. Just like a human. Just like when you look in the mirror - a nicely rounded head, ears to be kissed, eyes that literally burn, flexible fingers in joints and so on. Of course, I don't have everything as a real human has, some useless skills my designers haven´t even dealt with. One hundred and seventy-five centimeters tall, thirty-three kilograms live weight. There are just two of us in the Czech Republic - I am the number one (iQLANDIA Liberec), the number two is a buddy from the Ostrava Planetarium. And one more thing. If you'd like to get one of my doubles under the Christmas tree, ask your parents to prepare 77k EUR, yes man?